After we have clarified all the details and found a suitable job offer for you, it is important that you are available within 3-5 days (ideally within 24 hours). If you have to comply with a notice period or need more time for other reasons, we will discuss the procedure with you individually.

The currency in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is the Swiss franc (1 euro = 1.07 as of 01.2020). We recommend that you bring around EUR 300 with you for travel costs, accommodation and meals. Excellent Go4 Zueri west AG offers you the opportunity, depending on the hours worked, to receive an advance if your financial resources are not sufficient by the first/next payday.

Compared to Germany and Austria, the cost of living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is slightly higher. Nevertheless, there are cheap shopping and accommodation options. Although the general cost of living is certainly higher, in Switzerland and Liechtenstein one benefits from a significantly lower tax burden and higher earnings in comparison. Excellent Go4 Zueri West AG supports you in your job search and offers attractive earning opportunities in the region.

Motorway vignette for 1 year CHF. 40.- (approx. EUR 25)

Usually no. In most cases, the necessary tools are provided by the respective contractors. In exceptional cases, however, you may be required to bring your own tools. However, this will be discussed with you before the start of the assignment.

It is advisable to bring your own work clothes. In some cases, the assignment company also provides clothing. If you do not have suitable work clothing, we can find a solution in consultation. Excellent Go4 Zueri West AG will be happy to help you organize work clothes for your job.

Yes, the statutory provisions of the labor law or the corresponding generally binding collective labor agreement (GAV) apply to us. Excellent Go4 Zueri west AG adheres to these regulations to ensure a fair working environment.

No, at Excellent Go4 Zueri West AG we organize accommodation for you near your place of work. The price and facilities of the accommodation will be agreed with you in advance. In principle, all accommodations are furnished. We value your satisfaction and comfort during your stay.

It is not mandatory, but an advantage.

When working in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, private basic insurance (health insurance) is required. As Excellent Go4 Zueri west AG, we are happy to offer you offers from our insurance partners. Of course, you also have the option of comparing other offers or keeping your current private insurance. We support you in finding the right health insurance that meets your individual needs.

All services of Excellent Go4 Zueri West AG are of course available to you free of charge. We offer you a wide range of services to support your job search at no cost to you. Find out more about our free services and benefit from our commitment to help you successfully find a suitable job.

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