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Arbeiten in der Schweiz


Arbeiten in der Schweiz – Chancen und Herausforderungen im Detail

Hochspezialisierte Fachkräfte sind heute oft nur noch im Ausland verfügbar. Dank der Abkommen zwischen der Schweiz/Liechtenstein und der EU ist der Zugang zum Arbeitsmarkt in der Schweiz und Liechtenstein für Arbeitnehmer aus EU-Ländern kein Problem mehr.

Sie Schweiz ist für Arbeitssuchende aus Deutschland aus vielen Gründen attraktiv. Hohe Löhne, gute Karrierechancen und die geografische Nähe machen das Land attraktiv. Dieser ausführliche Artikel beleuchtet die zentralen Aspekte des Arbeitens in der Schweiz aus der Sicht von Deutschen.

Einleitung: Überblick über den Schweizer Arbeitsmarkt

Die Schweiz punktet mit einer stabilen Wirtschaft, die sich auch in Krisenzeiten vergleichsweise gut entwickelt hat. Dies spiegelt sich auch in der niedrigen Arbeitslosenquote von nur 2,6 Prozent wider. Im Vergleich zu anderen Ländern mangelt es kaum an offenen Stellen. Gut ausgebildete Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland profitieren von der Sicherheit und den Karrierechancen.

Beliebte Branchen für Deutsche zum Arbeiten in der Schweiz

  • Banken, Versicherungen und Finanzdienstleistungen
  • Mechanical engineering, electrical and metal industries
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical technology and healthcare
  • Gastronomy and hotel industry

Cross-border commuter model: commuting between home and work

Germans do not necessarily have to move to work in Switzerland. The “cross-border commuter model” allows you to continue to live at your place of residence in Germany and commute to work in Switzerland.

Tax specifics

Cross-border commuters are subject to special taxation. You pay income tax at your German place of residence. Withholding tax is also due in Switzerland for income earned there. However, through double taxation agreements, the taxes paid are offset. Cross-border commuters are also subject to social insurance contributions in Germany.

Commuting distances and travel times

Depending on the distance from where you live to the Swiss border, you often have to accept longer commutes. Cross-border commuters from Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria are closer than those from northern Germany. Thanks to home office, commuting trips can increasingly be saved.

Employment contracts according to Swiss law

Swiss employment contract law differs from the German system in details. Important key points: 

Legal minimum standards  

By law or generally valid collective employment contracts, certain minimum standards apply to vacation, probationary periods, notice periods and overtime. Some of these are more employee-friendly than in Germany.

Freedom of contract in certain guardrails

Freedom of contract exists to the extent permitted by law. This means that working time models, salary systems and additional benefits can be negotiated.

 Occupational safety and equal treatment

The topics of occupational safety, health protection and the prohibition of discrimination are precisely regulated by law. There are also framework conditions regarding personal protection, data protection and the like.

Social insurance in Switzerland

To protect against risks such as illness, accidents, old age or unemployment, employees in Switzerland are subject to comprehensive social insurance obligations.

   Contribution obligation and premium amount

Unlike in Germany, the system is financed equally by employers and employees. The premiums are often based on age and health.

    Scope of services

Statutory basic insurance covers the most important risks. Supplementary insurance offers additional benefits. The legal regulations differ in nuances from Germany.

Work and residence permits for Germans

Germans need a permit to take up work. This is staggered depending on the length of stay and country of origin:

    Short stays under 90 days

On the basis of the visa exemption, Germans can spend up to 90 days every six months in Switzerland and also work.

    Cross-border commuter permit

With this permit, cross-border commuters are allowed to work in Switzerland for the duration of the employment relationship and to return regularly to their place of residence.

    Residence permit

For longer-term stays, a temporary or permanent residence permit is required. This is rather restrictive and tied to certain criteria.

    Quotas by professional group

Annual maximum numbers (quotas) control how many permits are awarded according to professions. There is a shortage of doctors, nursing staff and engineers, for example.

   Finding accommodation and rent levels in Switzerland

Anyone who works in Switzerland for a long period of time often needs accommodation on site. Rent prices are – similar to the cost of living in general – among the highest in Europe.

    Rental price range by region

Rental costs vary greatly from region to region. In cities like Zurich or Geneva, 13 to 27 francs per square meter must be taken into account. It is cheaper in the countryside: in Valais or Ticino you can also find apartments for 10 to 16 francs per square meter.

    Housing situation and vacancy rate

In urban Swiss areas there is great pressure on the real estate market with low vacancy rates below 1 percent. In contrast, there is a surplus of living space in rural, remote regions.

Recommendations for finding accommodation

Contacts to locals or specialized real estate agents can help you find a suitable place to stay. Since the market is very competitive, a willingness to compromise is often required when it comes to rental prices and applications.

Conclusion: Switzerland offers opportunities and stability

In summary, working in Switzerland has many advantages to offer, despite certain bureaucratic and tax hurdles. It is not for nothing that over 60,000 cross-border commuters currently commute here from Germany every day. In addition to financial incentives, security, progress and the best career prospects in an innovative economy are attractive. However, in order to fully settle in, jumping across the border requires openness to the independent Swiss culture.

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Further information about working in Switzerland from Germany can be found in our FAQs .


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We organize job offers for you and arrange interviews, which take place conveniently online via video telephony. This enables us to have a flexible and efficient application phase that saves both time and travel costs. We ensure that you have the opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way and show your potential, all from the comfort of your own home.


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Accommodation and permits

We take care of organizing your first accommodation and your work permit and accompany you through the entire process. We will take care of all the formalities for you so that you can sit back and relax. Our experienced experts will take care of all the details, while you can simply participate and look forward to your new professional opportunity. We ensure that your start goes smoothly and support you with all administrative matters.


Even after you start in Switzerland, we will remain your contact and continue to support you with any questions or problems.


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